justitia debet esse libera, quia nihil iniquis venali justitia; plena, quia Justitia non debet claudicare; et celeris, quia dilatio est quaedam negatio

/jastish(iy)a debat esiy libara, kwaya nay(h)al anikwiyas vaneylay jastish(iy)a; pliyna, kwiya, jastish(iy)a non debat klodakeriy, et selaras, kwaya daleysh(iy)ow est kwiydam nageysh(iy)ow/
Justice ought to be free, because nothing is more iniquitous than venal justice; full, because justice ought not to halt; and speedy, because delay is a kind of denial.

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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